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Thanks for doing the AMA. I dig regular "Joe" AMA's. I find them the most interesting. Were you working in the theater after the Aurora CO shooting? If so did Regal implement new policy because of potential copy cats; how was the atmosphere after?

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Does the US not have an immigration system now?

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Thank you for answering. I'm glad you answered more questions as it drives conversation. I also appreciate you providing links to additional information. I plan on reading up some to gain a better understanding of the issue overall. There were times when a more open immigration policy made sense but I do not believe in unchecked growth. I do not believe in rewarding people for circumventing our current policy. The us state department policy found here! gives the procedures for being here legally. As to your path to citizen ship how come you haven't tried the Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers!?

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I know there is also a lottery 50,000 would be immigrants are granted visa and a path to citizenship every year. Again this prevents unchecked growth and promotes diversity.

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How do you pay taxes if you don't have a SSN?