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Over the years I’ve realised that “I have another client coming, do you want to meet him?” teaches somebody how to tie their shoes pretty quickly

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The stats are there, my friend. Y’all have too much money, not enough time and certainly not enough female energy around you

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A lot of men come to see sex workers for the sex, sure, but I think sex is the only way they know how to get intimacy and intimacy is what the lonely are really craving. I’ve learned how important non sexual touch an intimacy can be by seeing so many people get it from me for the first time in a long time. So I guess what I’ve learned is that if I feel like I’m craving sex and that becomes dysfunctional in any way, to try and dig into that and see if it’s about intimacy or even just touch, because those needs can be quenched in other ways too. I’ve learned to look for that need in my friends and lovers and I think it helps.

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Good: Lots of clients who are easy to organise an appointment with, understand the transaction, are respectful, take what they need, have a nice chat and leave on time.

Bad: few clients, all of whom want you to dirty talk them to secure a booking, pester you about dating them, push you for services you don’t offer, hang around for ages and won’t leave.

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They’re just normal dudes. Mostly work in trades, IT or engineering, 30’s-50’s.

I avoid young clients, guys who seem too arrogant and guys on drugs when I can, so very rarely am I afraid