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dbuzzzy4712 karma

We’re an Ace Hardware and the traditional hardware store stuff has always been the bulk of our business. However, we’ve sold guns for decades (before I was even born.) We’ve only had doughnuts for about 2 years.

The doughnuts are from Cops & Doughnuts. It’s a bakery that was bought by retired cops. Very popular in the region. They were looking for someone to sell their doughnuts in our city and we threw our hat in the ring. I think the gun counter was what sold them on our store.

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Not very often, but yes it actually has. There’s been a surprising level of synergy through the whole store. People came in for doughnuts and see everything else or vice versa.

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I think the multiple exits and rooftop access help a lot. We’ve got a lot of windows though that would need to get boarded up fast. I probably think about this too much.

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Yeah, that’s not totally uncommon. We kind of got that before the doughnuts too when people came in for other products. I think it’s a draw for some contractors. They can stop in for supplies for a job and see if we have their ammo (or now their doughnut.)

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We do better on the doughnuts directly. I’d have to really look into all the auxiliary stuff to make a decision, but on the spot I’d pick the doughnuts.