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First off, thank you for fighting so hard for all of us. If there were more Democrats like you, we wouldn't be in the shit we are.

As a congressional Democrat who is putting up a solid fight, you have a better understanding than any of us how this process works. A lot of us on the outside are getting pretty disappointed by President Obama's actions, but we have no understanding of the process or the give and take that accompanies those actions.

  • Given that you have a much better vantage point than us, how do you feel about Obama's performance so far?

  • Have you ever voted against your conscience because of the politics involved? What votes were they?

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If we want to elect more of you (Rep Weiner), what should we look for in our candidates? What can we do to ensure that the Democratic party puts forward worthy congressional candidates?

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Professor Reich, What do you think of worker cooperatives (employee owned and run companies) ? Do you think there is a potential for them to replace the stock corporation as the primary economic institution?

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What do you think of worker cooperatives? Do you think it's possible that they could eventually replace stock corporations as the primary economic institution?