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dazzlingsailor115 karma

I loved your previous AMA, your enthusiasm and hard work really motivates me to keep going. I have Photoshop at work, but at home I use Photopea :)

So my question is: how do you keep yourself motivated to keep working on something when you don't know if it's doable or if it's going to return something to you? Like, during those years it took for you to actually develop Photopea.

dazzlingsailor2 karma

Hello and thank you so much for doing this AMA, Mr. Wada! I've been a fan of your games since I was a little girl and they have heavily influenced me into becoming a game designer myself. I'm thrilled to play Birthdays the Beginning soon!

So, my question is: What is an advice you would have liked to receive when you were in the beginning of your career as a game developer?