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What was the process of getting these people out of their respective countries? Was it a simple as organising flights and alerting emabssies that their was an asylum seeker coming or was it more of a "great escape" scenario?

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One day while in school me and my friends decided to do this. So my friend (we'll call him andrew) jumps up and tries to do this. We're all gathered around him, he takes the deep breath and i start to push on his chest; he passes out after about 3/4 seconds. So two or three of us catch him and lower him to the floor. Suddenly his eyes flick open, but its very clear he's not awake or concious. It's just the whites of his eyes staring straight at me, then the seizure starts. His entire body starts jerking and jumping, his legs kick and and his arms thrash and his face goes the palest shade of grey I'v ever seen. All this time his head and face are pointing straight at me, but his eyes are rolling crazily in his sockets, like a fucking zombie staring straight at me. Suddenly, he inhales. His eyes blink back to normal, the thrashing stops and he wakes up. Talking about it afterwards he said that he felt like he was flying, passing planets and stars and soaring through space. To me, it looked like I'd almost killed him. I still picture the way he looked at me during the seizure to this day, and it fucking haunts me.

Tl;dr: Friend gets scary zombie eyes, has a seizure, I think I'v killed him, I shit the pants, Friend wakes up after tripping balls. Fuck

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That's incredibly shitty.

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Forgive my ignorance, I've only ever encountered Roller Derbys through american television shows or pop culture so I don't know a whole lot about the sport. Anyway, is there much in the way of strategy to how teams compete against each other, or how evolved and developed is it? Can you walk us through some examples if there is?

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Let me know where so I can avoid them!