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daytonatrbo64 karma

Oh, damn, that's good thinking.

Here I thought it had to porn.

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How are these people late on payments before the gift is even given?

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If you can't fix what's there, it's always better to match the slant.

daytonatrbo4 karma

I'm a dude, and not particularly fashion conscious, and I still hate it when other people try to buy clothes for me.

Now I'm married, and my wife more or less chooses my wardrobe, so I guess I lost that struggle. But I did finally get her to stop trying to dress me like Darren Criss.

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Idk, the turbo ecotec can put down some serious power, is really light and fits a whole lot better in the engine bay.

Also, you're awesome. If I didn't live in the middle of nowhere I would love to do stuff like this.