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"It's something you can do while we get more campaign donations from farmers"

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(1) Allow people to share water (or sell it)

(2) Use your water, not your neighbors

(3) Don't break your toys; if you do, fix them so you can use them.

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(1) Intertie distribution systems and allow water markets to allocate bulk water, BUT

(2) Cut off long-distance water transfers. It's time to live within your means and restore ecosystems that provide HUGE benefits.

(3) Bring urban systems into full performance such that treated wastewater (and stormwater) could be recycled into human use. How to pay?

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Too expensive. It's MUCH cheaper to desalinate the Pacific and THAT'S crazy expensive.

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True. Water was "too cheap to meter" in the past.

Meters are, AFAIK, only 70-80 years old. In the past (and now in places), water was a "civic service" paid by property taxes, rather than a utility service with user fees. Different philosophy.