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Can you ply video games all fine? Is it hard to hit the shoulder buttons while just supporting the controller with one finger?

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Do you guys write any in-house CFD/FEA code to analyze your system? Or do you primarily stick to commercial/NASA codes?

When it comes to fault tolerant systems, do you guys rely much on error checking at many points within the pipeline or just at critical pathways? Like for example, error checking between the ecu and the main computer or between the sensors and the flight computer or do you still check internal memories of the computers with parity or bit by bit comparisons?

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Did you ever get taught by Richard Feynman? Or was he after your time at Caltech? I've heard people often just sat in his classes; did you ever sit in during your time at JPL?

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Any serious considerations in having secondary propellant tanks that detach with the engines for propulsive landing of the powerplant of the launch vehicle as part of the plan for reusability? Kind of like the Batcycle detaching from the Bat Mobile in the Dark Knight.

Any thoughts on the propellants bypassing the turbopumps to act as a pressure fed system during the propulsive recovery phase of the engine assembly? Having small secondary tanks allow them to be pressurized to much higher pressures than the main tanks, making it a feasible idea IMHO. Also bypasses the need to spool up the pumps again while transitioning between tanks.

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How has quality control on the propellant grains evolved from the STS era? What are some of the new inspection technologies utilized? I know the Navy uses x-rays on their SRMs.

Why aren't composite cases being upgraded from the old steel case while there are a bunch of other upgrades being added on? At least a composite overwrap on a thinner steel case could have been investigated.