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Awesome! I love that era of Dallas and Memphis wrestling. I'll just group all of my initial questions together:

  • While I'm guessing the Terry Garvin name was sort of coincidental (since it was your real first name and you looked a lot like Jimmy Garvin back then), was that foppish "Beauty" gimmick something you got because of the name and the original Terry Garvin's reputation?

  • How soon after the WWF sexual harrassment scandals broke did you decide to start using your real name? Did being "pro wrestler Terry Garvin" on TV cause you any "real life" problems until the change?

  • Who trained you? I heard it may have been Bill Dundee in his initial class that also included Todd Morton and maybe your original partner Mark Guleen, but I'm honestly not sure. Who else was breaking in at the same time?

  • Who came up with The Beauty's custom pink mat?

  • I know you were close with Kerry Von Erich. Was there any ill will towards Fritz for giving him a gun the day he killed himself given all of the circumstances surrounding what happened?

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You should definitely consider it, especially since allegedly 3 concussions is the threshold for permanent damage, Contact the Sports Legacy Institute for more information on donating brain tissue samples to them when you die. Various other wrestlers like New Jack and Lance Storm have done it, as well as lots of football players and I'm sure more wrestlers who haven't said so publicly. Doug Furnas (who developed Parkinson's) did pledge his brain, but unfortunately his body was found too late to get samples as he was in a very warm climate and his wife was out of town on business when he died.

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Most people? Really?

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Where does Eddie Gilbert rank as both a wrestler and a booker? Is there an argument for him being the most creative wrestler ever?