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You can click here to tell your lawmakers to support Aaron's Law/CFAA reform -- it's an action link from Demand Progress, the org that Aaron started.


And a big thanks to Rep. Lofgren and Sen. Wyden (and others) for their work on this.

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That's certainly the hook that potentially jeopardizes activists and journalists and the like. Completely undefined. What if you're a journalist who reports a statement issued by the Taliban, or interviews a leader thereof and reports what he says? What if you're activist who believes that Wikileaks should enjoy First Amend protections?

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Yep, please contact them and also contact your federal lawmakers and ask them to tell the FCC to restore Net Neutrality.

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and a monopoly

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Wheeler actually put it really well yesterday when he said, to paraphrase, "Net Neutrality is no more regulation of the Internet than the First Amendment is regulation speech."