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just so you know, you really shouldn't have had to pay for any part of the investigations, hospital care or operations of your hospital stay. Obviously specialist consultations in private rooms are at their discretion and you need to pay for medications (as appropriately subsidised by pbs etc.).

The MRI you paid for almost certainly did not have to be paid for. Presumably you went to a private cardiologist who wanted the scan done promptly and that's why you were out of pocket. I'm a cardiologist and have up until recently worked in melbourne, and the rare few times a cardiac mri has been indicated, it's been easy enough to organise through the public health system. Furthermore this is probably one of the cases that being at a big tertiary public hospital is better than using a smaller attached private facility.

Also "medicare" is only part of the service that covers healthcare, the other significant portion is state-funded public hospitals which cover the full care of patients as per hospital policy rather than as an itemised list.

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