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So what have you found out about kundalini syndrome? I've read quite a few reports on the psychic distress that one could under go should they reach this wellspring of fucked up.

One guru says it took him over a decade to recover from this numinous experience.

I've heard you can get it by accident/chance - ive also heard that you can get it through improper meditation technique.

John Weir Perry has a section in one of his books about a former army/navy employee who went through such an experience and wound up in the hospital with a form of psychosis - the experience itself was akin to ''enlightenment'' in that the officer in question thought that he was seeing dead souls. He also saw this ''world'' as a stepping stone to godhood - a destination that waits for all of us - those are his words.

Joseph Campbell aligns this anecdote with mythic parallels in his essay on schizophrenia - i believe it's called The Inward Journey.

Although now that i think about it Campbell and Perry's work may be outdated - they're still great reads though.

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The Babadook or The Witch - which one is more overrated?