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So much this.

I come from Australia and over here cricket is huge they have this thing called "The Pink Test" and basically the whole cricket match is devoted to "Women with breast cancer" Not breast cancer research or just breast cancer in general "Women with breast cancer" it makes me so pissed off. And the fact the colour for breast cancer is pink annoys me too purple would be better in my book.

Saying that I do get that male breast cancer is a very small minority. But it still exists god damnit!

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higher genetic tendency to have breasts.

Hurr durr all humans have breast tissue. Men just have less (generally speaking).

I weighed 56kg when I was diagnosed and had a completely flat chest. My doctor said he had seen 2 other male breast cancer patients and both weighed more than double me and had noticeable man boobs. He also said the chances of me getting it were 1/10000. Serves me right for being born on Friday 13th

Edit: Chances of normal males getting it is 1/1000 can be increased if runs in family. Mine where low because I had less breast tissue.

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It took them a long time for my family and friends to get over it especially my dad. But I just remember my grandmother who died from bowel cancer and how much pain the treatment put her in.

Saying that my closest friend has handled it really well and has been the only one who didn't freak out.

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Mid 20's. Think I still have it my doctor said that it was pointless seem him regularly if it wasn't getting to bad, so really I could be cancer free and not know it!

Edit: Sorry didn't answer the question. No I haven't had surgery.

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The first time I brought up the fact that I thought something was wrong my mother laughed. But since then it's been alright mostly people are shocked that it can happen to men.