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Why do you think you're important?

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Why does immigration have to be "tricky"?

All nations have defined borders. You arent allowed to just waltz across them and in fact, waltzing across certain ones in the world would have you imprisoned or just straight of murdered.

For some reason though, America isn't supposed to enforce our laws?

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This AMA is some high quality /r/iamverysmart material. I'm glad I'm here.

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No no, you're complicating the subject.

We have a border, it should be respected. If you cross it illegally, you get sent back. Doesn't matter what sob story they may have. Their first action in our country is to break it's laws, therfore, they do not respect it.

Allowing illegal kids to stay only encourages anchor babies. What are you going to do, deport the parents and seperate their family? You know that's what they'll throw at you.

Over 315,000 illegals caught last year, that's just the ones who were stopped. About half werent even from Mexico, and a couple thousand were even terrorists in connection to ISIS. Some areas of the border see hundreds captured every day. You can YouTube Mexican Andy, he has a video of being at part of the wall where they actually break through old fencing and pour through. We have about 22 million illegals in this nation now. This problem needs firm solutions now. All illegals must go, and we need a wall. The wall allows us to get by with less manpower at the border and gives us wiggle room to address every other aspect of our broken immigration system.

These statistics come from border patrol statistics btw. Direct source.

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Thank you, some common sense.

Until Islam goes through a reformation to fit with the modern world, akin to how other religions have, there will ALWAYS be groups like Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, ISIS, etc.

The only other option is simply glassing the region and starting over, but we should try to avoid that option of course.