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Any chronic pain/neurological malfunction condition is unimaginable to me, but you've given me an unfortunately real idea of how terrible it can be.

While sounding super rude potentially, is a possible solution to remove your nose completely and cleanly? Or in some way to sever nerve receptors going there? I've had family who had misfires in their extremities causing constant pain, so had the nerves cut. Of course being in your face they might all be connected and way too close together, and I'm no doctor.

All in all I'm sorry this happened to you, and hope you can get justice and some sense of closure.

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How will "dog fights" with hard science (even fiction) work, as modern (and definitely future) air combat hasn't had dogfighting since world war 2? i.e. Everything is long range missiles etc, to the point where visually seeing your target is rare? Will these technologies and targeting missiles etc be balanced for the sake of gameplay (which is totally fine, just wondering how actual destructive capabilities of weapons will be handled and balanced)

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Here’s a question I’m more interested in. If, in the future, Amazon became essentially carbon neutral (their deliveries were all electric and the production of batteries was less brutal on the environment than it is today, the packaging was all reusable cardboard or corn plastic produced using clean energy, their warehouses were properly automated using clean energy and the delivery network was as efficient as possible, without abusing human workers) would you still feel guilty using them?

I.e how much of the guilt tripping you do to your self based on an ideal of self sustaining living, and how much is based off an ideal of zero carbon footprint living? Or if not guilt, goal wise?

Do you do other things to push for clean energy legislation and implementation and recycling/sustainable waste management programs, or are your efforts focused primarily on your family’s lifestyle? (No hidden judgment, either one is awesome and far better than just sitting back and letting the status quo be the resource intensive modern lifestyle of convenience—and just raising a family is a hell of a lot of work in itself.)

Also, even though some people seem to think that participating in society at all means you aren’t living off the grid, good on you for doing so. You’re doing the environmentally conscientious and sustainable parts without depriving your kids of opportunities.

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Thank you for the thoughtful reply, I'll definitely look into genetic testing.

Knowing that it's a possibility will definitely help when trying to identify causes of chronic shortness of breath etc, best of luck to you in ongoing treatment!

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Thank you for the post. Both my grandpa and great grandpa died of mesothelioma caused by working with asbestos, watching my grandpa go through it was the first experience that opened my eyes to the extreme pain some people must live with every day, and sobered my seven year old self right up. Good luck and stay strong.

What's the most benign looking/feeling early warning sign you can think of? If it ends up being what takes my father, I'd rather give him the best fighting chance he can have by being overcautious.