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Asshole took your pen.

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I read that you struggle with depression and were suicidal at one point. I just wanted to say I"m happy that you are here and glad you made it in life--not career wise--but got over the hump of depression and you keep going. As someone w/ depression, that is key.

The hump is hard (insert random giggle here)

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Do you feel that in some cases of these abuse videos are truly rape and brutality instead of kink? I've seen some and the girls are absolutely not faking their horror or trauma. Kink--go for it. Degredation mentally and physically----not sexual except to the sadist.

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Agreed. Dude is a state of being. Not a state of gender. Says "The Dude".

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This how my mom looked. She had a horrible dying process and she looked like she was screaming when she died. I couldn’t wait for them to get her. While my dad didn’t fight death and usually slept with his eyes half open so he looked the same. But after witness medical suffering and the dying process, i plan on an OD by 65. Why wait around for what i saw?