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I like my coffee like I like my women.... dark roasted and from countries with oppressive regimes.

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I didn't break anything that wasn't already broken. Her siblings and mother feel like I've brought a lot of good things to their family.

Edit: It's an honest observation and on-topic. No need to downvote this guy to oblivion.

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99 counts and a bitch ain't one.

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No, but I did learn how to dance Bollywood style for the wedding.

  • Screwing in the lightbulb? Check
  • Dancing on one foot? Check
  • The shimmying your hips thing? Check

Edit: It went... okay

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I was beat half to death by her brothers who found out about us. Merciless beating. I was only 14 and I had no idea what I was getting into. She had moved to my town from Iran and dressed very Western but in Iran, she wore a hajib so I totally misjudged how strict her family was.

After I got beaten up, I confronted her and asked her what the dealio was and she said she wanted me to run away with her and marry her.

Ran for the hills. Nice girl but too much drama for me at 14.

TL:DR - I have Brown Fever.