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Hi senator Sanders. I just wanted to let you know that you are a hero for us American people. How can the bottom 99% gain control of daily life in America?

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Thank you for your reply, Senator Sanders. I have a feeling it is up to us 20 somethings to help awaken and educate everyone on the abuse of the wealthy elite. It seems like the middle class and poor have become villains according to various media outlets (right and left) and the ridiculous and fascist tea party, and extreme religious right. It is absolutely astounding that the majority of people would rather have zero healthcare and help for the poor, while many of these corporations are given handouts with our taxes, which in turn they use to ship American jobs to other countries.

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Great questions! Honestly, I believe that the progressive members of congress should just branch out from the democrats and admit to being true democratic socialists. The only problem there, I believe, is that the majority of Americans are ignorant to the fact that socialism and communism are completely different ideals. Everyone is afraid of "big bad socialism" even though we do have socialism here in America already. People need to get out of the mindset that socialism equates to North Korea or Cuba and observe how democratic socialism is in practice in the world'a most thriving societies such as Northern Europe or our neighbors to the north in Canada.

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The glorification of the military and the brainwashing of religion has been the downfall of the millenials along with all of the stupidity on tv, facebook, and other media outlets. Young people simply do not care about what is happening. They care more about idiots like Kim Kardashian more than the destruction of the middle class. It's sad.