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Afternoon Kumi,

We've met a few times, and it's a pleasure to have you here on reddit. Diving right into it -

  • Greenpeace seems to have lost its "militant" nature that it was infamous for, why the trending towards a more corporate approach? i.e. with the marketing/facebooking etc.

  • While you advocate sustainability and homegrown foods, why not outright veganism or at the least vegetarianism?

  • Lastly, I hope you've kicked the smoking habit :)

  • Again, thanks for doing this. All said and done, I do hope my 10 dollars a month makes a difference in the end.

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Upvote for the meta answer Kumi but to reiterate pierluc.

What was greenpeace's biggest fuck up?

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Fair answer. And yes, I do hope the indigenous bridge is paved one day. Especially from a political standpoint. Have another upvote.

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I actually have read that publication. Agree with much of it.

Could you perhaps respond to my first question - You feeling Greenpeace is as militant and activist as ever, is still a legitimate answer. I fully understand that I may only be posing an opinion.

Edit: Thanks for responding, I appreciate you going through the backlog :)