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You support a lot of social programs but also getting rid of ICE? Bernie sanders, as one example, is against immigration since that doesn't really work with increased social programs. How does that work?

How would you pay for any of these proposed things? They're all nice ideas until you realize they're incredibly expensive. ;

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Why is BLM focusing on police brutality, which is killing less than 100 black people a year, vs black on black murders, which account for thousands of deaths in the black community a year? It's one of the of the leading causes of deaths for black people under 40.

Edit: If you're going to downvote me, I'd at least love to hear why.

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Not OP but : Because it makes more money is the short answer. People are more likely to play a game if it's free than if they have to pay for it. Then in order to monetize it, they sell IAPs. They then can get a lot more money off of a single player. They are also more likely to get more players who tell their friends about it, because it's free. There's no barrier to entry. It's also consistent income, unlike a one time payment.

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How do you plan to turn this into a business? How much will a highly specific data set matter? Isn't the solution to litter in general, have something more convenient for them to dispose it?

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So you asked a question you already know? This question has nothing to do with OP's experience. This is a question that could be answered by anyone who's been in the industry, IE me.