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Whats with hentai and girls blood types? I've never seen any mention of someones blood type in regular porn

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I'm a 24 year old Male who genuinely looks 16, am I a loli?

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Is it true that the drug DMT is responsible for our dreams?

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I think i have this, but its not that bad and really doesent effect me much. If i look at anything dark and black i can always see the "snow" and i also get "Phosphines, sctomas, and the like" when i close my eyes or im in a very dark room (dark to the point of needing a light to maneuver), and also Tinnitus, sometimes its worse then others but i cant sleep in a completely silent room, i need a background noise like a fan or else all i can hear is the ringing.

The Phosphines, sctomas, and the like, sometimes, i can make things out of them. If im about to go to sleep and are relaxed with my eyes closed in a dark room i can faintly make actual figures and things out of them. This always happens if im high on weed and gets exaggerated giving me crazy closed eye hallucinations (which i love). i was once stoned to the point (this was the most high i had ever been) where i could see them in the dark room i was in with my eyes open.

Should i even bother talking to a professional about this? If it doesn't effect my daily life at all and there is nothing they can do, then whats the point?

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How do the trumpet players deal with all the spit?