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This is the real problem. I'd say 99% of my single guy friends in their 20s live like this and the ones in relationships all started dating during high school or college.

"I'll focus on work for a while then get back to dating'." - Now that I'm hearing someone else say this same line of logic out loud it doesn't sound as good of a plan...

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We'll I mean there's a pretty massive military budget we could scrape a few billion dollars from. There's those tax loopholes that rob the government of hundreds of millions of dollars every year that we could fix and have more money to invest in both of our country's future.

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I apologize for my hostility in my previous response and appreciate you still answering my questions.

I dont mean to take the extremist camp of "some will survive". Ideally I'd like us to adapt fast enough to maintain most of our modern infrastructure. I guess my question is why the context of the climate before humans doesnt seem to matter? Surely these complex climate systems operated long before our existence, so couldnt we learn something from why Ice ages started and ended naturally?

Once again, I'm a full believer in climate change. I just think it would be a more convincing argument if someone was able to show us why previous Ice ages started and ended on their own. Because when the average person looks up "Climate during the Younger Dryas period" it becomes hard to think that humans are the ones in control.

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Do you think the question of why Ice ages begin and end is as important as periods when the temperature increases? Do you think it would help convince people on the fence, if they had a better explanation as to why the climate shifts so dramatically without human intervention? Thank you

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Well I guess you'll have to wait in your mom's basement until Jeff Sessions does something about it.