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You and Hitler have so much in common.

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Dude stop saying your games aren't good.

Whether they are or not, whether you think so or not, that's just a terrible habit (and really bad marketing fwiw).

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Do you let your patients create their own characters? How do you make sure their real life issues are addressed? How do you make sure each get equal therapy time?

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"So, why do you think we should publish your game?"

"Well it's pretty bad, but my friends like to play it."

He can judge his game all he wants, but he needs to learn how to STFU about it if he doesn't have anything positive to say.

It's just meant to be tough love professional advice if he doesn't want to end up a starving video game artist.

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I previously heard about your result but have difficulties classifying the scale of how groundbreaking the change is.

When you say "new physics", how much exactly is the Standard Model challenged by it? Would it "just" need to be appended by some additional type of spin (if that's the right phrasing, I never fully grasped that concept)? Or does it suggest we would need to take a step like Theory of Gravity to General Relativity?