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We Skyeward shippers have declared you the captain of our ship. I hope you're up for it :)

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There have been a lot of crossovers between CBS reality shows lately. If asked, would you consider going on The Amazing Race? If so, would you go with a friend/family member or with a fellow Survivor?

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This might be a bit cheesy, but I just wanted to thank you for being you :) Like, the other day I was having a rough day, and I came home to that video of you dancing around Brett, having the time of your life, and it just made my day a lot better. So, thank you. I love you <3

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Does Brett actually say a lot of puns on table reads, or when you're on set, or is that just a Twitter thing? Also, when did your whole "Hit or Miss" system start?

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What was the first day on set like? Which scene did you shoot?