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I'm half Native American and in law school. While I'm not personally offended by the Redskins, there's no doubt the name is offensive. Germany wouldn't have a team with a caricature as a Jew for their mascot and a derogatory name as the team name. It'd just be fucked up. The NFL also would not allow a team to have a "Negro" mascot. There's no question that this is just another way that the majority, or Dan Snyder, is able to exploit a race.

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Hi Courtney, thanks for doing this!! Do you still experience people coming after you for the way you were portrayed on S6? On the same topic, do you still feel apprehensive at all to go out and perform? Much love from Seattle.

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Agree! Muckleshoot from WA State. I disagree with some of OPs answers because it's a different culture. It's like comparing Germans to English - they're both European but there's a ton of differences.

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Originally, I wanted to be a doctor but I wasn't cut out for it. I started studying philosophy and changed to be pre-law. My dad (who is full Native) pushed me to intern at our attorney's office and I found that it was really eye opening. They had me travel to look at another tribe's court system and help our court expand; they even involved me in business decisions. I didn't really know that we still had to fight for some rights before I worked there.

But also, as of now there are no tribal attorneys in the office. I think it's important to have our people in those kind of positions.

Edit: to answer - for both. It helps me secure my future as well as be a part of helping my tribe move forward.

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For your second question, it's verified by paternity and maternity tests. Even though my child will be coming from my womb, they will test to make sure I am the child's mother. Our family trees tend to date back further than the normal tree so it's all verified through that.