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danihumphrey17 karma

I was a staff member at Sundance the year you served on the jury, and you were truly one of the nicest "VIP's/big names" I dealt with in all my years working for that organization. (So many of the Hollywood people coming into Park City have tended to treat the staff/volunteers with little more than civil condescension.) Furthermore, I hear from others who know you what I truly good guy you are. SO.... I must say I've always found it interesting how your movies often deal with protagonists who are kind of the opposite of that--in short, people one would NOT want to have to deal with professionally or personally. I'm not saying you don't have a dark side; we all do, right? It just seems remarkable that your fictional world is made up of characters like Jake Lamotta and Christian from THE CANYONS rather than, say, the kinds played by Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. So: How do you see yourself in relation to your characters, and more broadly, film authorship as it regards the personalities of the author in contrast to the personalities of the characters?