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The "Snooze until..." defaults are not convenient for me.

Is there a way to let us customize the defaults? It's a LOT of clicks/taps to change the date & time every time.

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Can you please move "Trash" to the visible portion of the action bar?

I can't stand that it takes an extra click/tap to delete an email. I understand why you prefer the "archive" dynamic and your aversion to deleting emails -- you're Google, you want data in your system to learn from -- but I use both.

I archive as often as I delete. I archive stuff from real people and delete promotional or transactional emails I'll never read or need again.

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Any advice for a huge fan of stand-up who doesn't know where to start writing his own material? I always wanted to be a stand-up (or thought I did), but got into improv when I felt I didn't know what to write. I now have years of stage time & comedy experience via improv, but still feel like I wouldn't know where to start with writing stand-up material.

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This video is a good summary: Meet your new Inbox

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As big-city improvisers who've performed & taught improv a bunch outside of those cities, do you have any recommendations to help foster/bolster/foment/advance an existing, growing improv community & improv talent in a mid-sized New England city that's like, but is not necessarily, Hartford, CT?