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One question from Facebook (Joshua Schachter): what do you do for keylogging? i remember you logged every keystroke.

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From twitter: Aka Avere Augere:

Did you test for HR w a treadmill outside in nature?

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"> One of my (rather macabre) requirements for people being in this particular book was that they be dead. So I don't want to tempt fate by making too many predictions :)

The book is based on essays I wrote over about a 10 year period. I always had an "excuse" for writing the essay. Some of them were anniversaries; some were written as obituaries. I'm planning to go on writing essays about people (I find it really interesting...)"

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Wolfram|Alpha has data. Lots of it. And it can compute answers for all kind of questions, including ones that may not have been asked before (e.g. Mount Everest height / Obama's height, or how many twinkies would it take to fill the grand canyon, etc) so, even if you can't find the answer on the web, W|A can potentially answer your question.