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What we are doing right now. This. You can not only learn but actively discuss and interact with issues. You can express what you want to and need to express. It's something easily overlooked but incredibly necessary to mine and I'm sure many other people's lives.

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This response means a lot to me. Though I was asking OP regardless I thank you for answering it honestly.

I remember growing up and learning about genealogy in secondary school. The anatomy asked if anyone had a family thing like cancer or diabetes . I said CMT and she had NO idea what I was talking about. The only people I know with CMT are my family members so this is kinda neat that we're being brought together :P

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Hi! Half my family suffers from CMT! Though they have a version that thankfully is slower than the others.

My question (though it may be asked) is part I: did you see this in other members of your family and part II if you found out later, are you/were you going to have kids?

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Cool, thank you for the response. I'm going to say this because strange coincidence, but I'm also adopted and from the UK (Scotland) but I was adopted by my aunt on my mother's side.

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What is the piece you have worked on that you are most proud of? Is it this one? Why?