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danelow19 karma

Tim, would you ever consider a reader/fan for your podcast?

I gave your book to one of my best friends, Taylor Conroy, years ago who was working his ass off building a successful real estate company which he has since sold off to fund a social enterprise, change heroes.

While he is not Arnold famous, he has been hugely successful in everything he has focused on across a range of disciplines. (Youngest firefighter in Canada, in his first full year in real estate he became the top grossing new agent on the continent, body building, the list goes on...). He is extremely charismatic and I'm sure would make an entertaining guest. Listeners may also be able to relate more to a fan story as well than to a billionaire's story.

Also, on a personal level, I want to say thank you. Your book influenced me massively back in '08 and now my wife and I now operate lifestyle businesses and have been traveling the world for the past couple of years.

Note: You featured me on your blog in this post years ago (Dane Low).