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Who is the biggest star that you are good friends with?

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Do you favor the proliferation of wolves because you like seeing rural western people unable to self sustain through harvesting elk and moose as we used to? Do you hunt elk? Have you seen firsthand, as I have, the decimation of elk herds at the hands of wolves and people like yourself?

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Hi Chevy! What is your most fond memory from SNL? And did you every injure yourself with those fantastic prat falls?

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But isn't it true that the elk hunting opportunities in the wolf units such as those around the park have in fact taken a nose dive? Do you feel that elk management could have more aptly been handled by human hunters? Do you feel that the wolf program is an affront to the western agrarian lifestyle? Do you feel that perhaps our fore-fathers knew what they were doing when they removed the wolf from our ecosystems?

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Tell me, how many elk lived in Yellowstone before reintroduction? How many live there now? What happens if that pattern is continued throughout the west? What will we eat? Will we eat wolf, Sir?