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I was so disgusted by this comment, then again by your username. Kudos on the double whammy ya filthy animal.

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How did you survive summers?

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Dear Constant Writer,

First of all, thank you for doing this AMA and for your brilliant work. I have loved every page of every book of yours I have read. You are the only author to write such convincing terror that I often find myself covering my eyes and reading through the cracks between my fingers. In particular, thank you for Gerald's Game. I was going through a slump in my depression and the imagery of Jessie de-gloving her hand just to escape her bed made me get out of mine and do something about it.

All the questions I have wanted to ask you have been answered, mainly in On Writing and on your website, so I will ask about my favourite appearance of yours as an actor - in Sons of Anarchy. I love that he was named Bachman. I know Kurt Sutter approached you, but were you given any creative input into the character or did you just trust him to do you justice?

Thank you again for many years of entertainment and scaring me senseless. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Joyland.

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Celine has an oversized brain.

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Nah I reckon everyone except Gemma will die, leaving her completely alone and all her lies and secrets would have been for nothing. She's pulled so many strings in this show "for her family" but that winds up leaving her with nothing and nobody there for her.