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How and why does reddit generate traffic for Slickdeals? Do redditors actually link to SD instead of just linking to the deal directly?

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Can you share some #s on how many users you have? How many people bought a book using your site/app? How much does this type of business generate in revenues/profits?

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I had one more question: what would you say have been the 1-2 of the biggest success and failures for Slickdeals? I'm curious about features that fizzled or innovations that really engaged the SD community.

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Thanks for the response!

  1. Sorry if I miswrote- affiliates can definitely be a big source of traffic/sales. That said, most companies aren't keen on subsidizing purchases. For example, if my company is running an awesome deal that we know will get posted on SlickDeals organically, there's no incentive for us to have a high payout rate for affiliates. Arguably, there's no reason to pay a commission rate at all, right?

  2. The reciprocal linking policy makes sense- I thought it was all competitors. ShopAtHome is definitely collecting all sorts of data with their toolbar but they have an amazing Cash Back Guarantee which has saved me a bunch of $.

  3. Ha, I figured. Out of the running before I started. I'll have to keep an eye on the Business Operations job openings :)