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Current hemo patient here. Also looking for transplant. Sadly my wife won't let either of my daughters be tested. Oh well. Currently doing home hemo 5 times a week/3 hours a day. I'm sorry you feel so bad. I generally don't. I'm active (ride 20-30 miles a day, work in the yard,etc) don't work because of the time involved. My wife teaches so we have only a few hours a day to do treatment. I still pee (quite a lot sometimes) so there's that. It's a joy. Seriously. Have you thought about the home treatment? I remember being in the center for treatment 3 days a week/4 hours a time. I did feel like shit afterwards. But with home, I'm done, need to sit for 5-10 minutes and I'm good to go. Best of luck to you. Best of luck to us both.

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I think I would be okay with it. That being said, the key word here is think. On one hand, hey you only need one kidney to live. However if something were to happen...I just don't know.

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If you're going to be any extended length, I'd go for it. Please feel free to ask any questions.