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Like any criminal, it depends on the person and the crime they commit. Some people are genuinely just trying survive. Others, it would be like robbing banks to put food on the table. Some of these commercial poachers are extremely wealthy, and more is just not enough.

We have actually retrained convicted poachers and once you can convince them that looking after wildlife is more beneficial than killing it, they make great rangers.

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G'day NJ: The illegal trafficking of wildlife is one of the largest criminal industries in the world. Its up there with guns, drugs and human trafficking. The issue is, that when weighed against all the humanitarian causes out there, the plight of animals and the environment is barely heard. We are not asking for a complete switch and everyone to start totally supporting environmental issues. that would be unrealistic. All we want is balance, and for people to realise that when we fuck the planet, then, we are all pretty much fucked. And that is our generations legacy.

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Zimbabwe has a shoot on site policy for armed poachers. South Africa and Mozambique are a little different. IAPF takes the approach of training rangers in the correct escalation in the use of force. Much like any western law enforcement model, it means the minimum amount of force is used to get the job done. It does not mean to say that if lethal force is needed, it cannot be used. Well training rangers actually save human lives as well as wildlife. Cheers P

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We get enquiries everyday from people from all walks of life. Some have varying levels of experience in the military or law enforcement and want to be involved with anti-poaching. Many people approach us wanting a paid position or even to freely volunteer their services to work in the bush.

The job of a ranger is a front-line role, but the front-lines of the African bush are vastly different to the streets of Baghdad, the tall buildings of New York or the beaches of Australia. One of the biggest threats a rangers faces is the wildlife they aim to protect. We have a duty of care for you when you are here. From poachers, wildlife and the wrong side of the law.

To be in the bush you must be accompanied by a professionally trained guide. You are not allowed to carry a firearm unless you have the relevant qualifications (in that particular country), a work permit and security clearance. This process can take up to 2 years depending on the country. If you do so without the relevant documents you are liable to prosecution and we would lose our ability to operate.