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This is a really difficult thing for me to think about. And I'm still not entirely sure about the answer. When I hear people talk about it, I always wonder if women who have had an abortion feel the same way whenever they hear people who have never had to go through it expressing their opinions on the matter. It's not as black and white or cut and dry as either side tries to portray it, but all in all I would have to say that I'm against it.

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Absolutely not. The guards don't really care whether you're guilty or innocent. They believe the brutality should be spread evenly.

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Death row is different from the rest of the prison population. There's a sense of solidarity on death row that you don't have anywhere else in the prison just because you have a common enemy. You don't have time to fight amongst yourselves when you're fighting against the people who are trying to put you to death.

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Breakfast is at 2:30 AM so that they can have everyone working in the fields by 5 AM. They want to get as much slave labor out of everyone as they possibly can.

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A broken heart.