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Hello Phil,

When do you plan on offering plans such as 250/100Mbps (or higher) with unlimited data.

Unsure of the reason not to have this now, but if a user is willing to pay, shouldn't it be an option?


dailyfauxpas21 karma

How long until MyAussie 2.0 is released along with its much anticipated features such as ServiceDesk ticket visibility?

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Will ABB ever support aggregated FTTP connections to allow users to bond two plans (eg 2 x 100/40 Unlimited @ $198)?

dailyfauxpas12 karma

At the current growth trajectory of your company, how many clients do you expect to service by July 2019 and how long do you think this growth can be sustained?

What is your 'game plan' on converting clients of other RSPs to subscribe to ABB services?

dailyfauxpas3 karma

Hi Phil,

If you can't reveal the IPO ETA can you reveal when the ASIC restrictions will be lifted?

Thank you kind Sir.