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I am listening to a Stuff You Should Know podcast and they mention you have an auto filter/response concerning emails from people (wanted to call them listeners but they probably don't even listen) complaining about vocal fry.

So to get to my question. Do you receive any follow up from these people complaining about how you rightly dismissed them and if so do you have any amusing stories from this whole process?

I just wanted to add good for you guys and when I go home I'm going to give you a listen.

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I was a summer intern there a while ago and I loved it there and wish I had taken the full time offer that came in very late in the process. In my few months there my director testified before Congress and we got to go and I was in the shot on CSPAN and my parents were so proud.

I know you said you didn’t want to identify any specific report you worked on, but was there anything you worked on that you disagreed with the opinion that your team reached?

I know when I first started working in public accounting I disagreed with the audit opinion our partner reached but obviously as the long college hire what I thought didn’t matter. Eventually they had to rescind their clean opinion after I left and got a ton of shit for it. I felt like I got the last laugh on that at least.