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I love that you are curious and thirst for knowledge! One thing that I have always wondered; why doesn't everybody?

In your country, would you say most women share your feelings? Do most women around you feel oppressed, or is your life considered normal and acceptable? Looking at your world from the outside, it seems to me like people with few personal freedoms like you have described must not know there is freedom to be had in other parts of the world. Otherwise, why wouldn't everyone want these liberties like you do?

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Can confirm - I bought my son a cool Minecraft Creeper case for is iPod touch (5th gen), and at the time all of the descriptions and reviews were 1-star because, "....it doesn't fit even though it clearly says iPhone/iPod..." and other ranting stupidity like that!

I get that you might be too inept to figure out that there's been more than 1 version of the iPhone over the years, but the people who take the additional time to write a scathing comment because a fine product didn't fit their incorrect model deserve some kind of award!

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This is the real reason^ (PII, or Personally Identifiable Information). With the basic information on your medical records (SSN, DoB, etc...) thieves can compromise your identity, so it could actually lead to credit fraud, etc...

I was always mad about that in the Army, ID protection is hosed. Every freaking form you fill out, even attendance to a briefing or class, probably has your SSN on it. Your training files, medical files, anything about you constantly gets left out in the open all the time, unattended.

You'd like to think nobody would steal that info from you, but we also like to think nobody would steal our:

  • Army gear
  • Wallets
  • Cellphones
  • Pocket knives (in the Army you just gotsta have the kewl $300 Microtechs!)
  • Car
  • Girlfriend
  • Beer (see also: Happiness)

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No it wasn't actually - it was a cross-post from ThinkGeek.com and had the exact same description on both sites (though on ThinkGeek it had all models on the same page with a drop-down selector), just that Amazon had separate pages for each of the 3 case models.

And from some of the comments, you can hardly respect their arguments:

"It does NOT FIT the ipod touch 4! I bought it for an ipod touch 4, not an iphone, not a 5, not anything else. I have an ipod touch 4. This case is much too big, probably fits an iPHONE."

"Got it for a gift. The case is too long and narrow. Not sure which device it really goes to."

"This case does not fit the iPod touch that I bought. I bought them together on Amazon, so I expected them to match. Wasted $20"

"The Thinkgeek site stated they had 4 or 5 for this and it was ONLY for 5. Very disappointed on Christmas morning to discover that and there is NOTHING stated on the box as to which iTouch it is for. For a 5 this would be fine, but totally misleading."

"I too purchased this for ipod touch and it does not fit. Read the fine print that it only fits ipod touch 5th generation. Boo and will never order here again"

"Boo and will never order here again" Really? Someone will never order from Amazon again because they couldn't figure out what they were buying? Understandably it didn't have the words "5th Generation Only" in bold letters in the title, but some of these people apparently don't know that there are different models of iPods and iPhones.

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That would make me very suspicious then.