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As a gamer living with my grandparents and mum (who all detest gaming), what would you suggest for possibly trying to bring out understanding, or to make them more aware of the falsehoods they are using as arguments and the good in gaming? I've tried but not entirely sure I have data that is concrete or powerful enough to sway them. Thanks!

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Thank you. Never quite thought of that before. I will see if I can try it. Best of luck to you and your endeavors!

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I feel that the actual game developers might love the games and community but it's the business expects running the actual choices and who have the say. Where you say education, I'm wondering what your thoughts would be on including some sort of video game education in schools somehow. So you feel that would be helpful?

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Still need to stay healthy physically. Personally I'd not think it would be, but I'M like OP to respond tbh.

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People (my grandparents and mum who actually know nothing about games) think I'm addicted but I know that if I didn't have games, sure I'd be pissed because of lost social connections and projects and money down the drain, but I have a lot of other stuff I'm interested in.
Also I'm sure that if you remove anyone's hobbies they'd become miserable.