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Good Morning David, let's cut the crap. Is this new Mr. Show thing going to be a tv show, movie, or tour?

Also, I'd love to see Pit-Pat reprise it's role as a magical, pansexual, non-threatening spokes-thing.

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Good luck. I heard Boko is extremely ticklish under his chin if that helps at all.

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I think she was the wife, Bob-O.

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Siqq Burn on Eric, Bob!

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Good Morning Mr. Foley and Thanks for doing this AMA.

Tommy Avallone (Director of I Am Santa Claus) and I grew up in the same small town here in NJ and I have known him since we were teenagers. Everyone is VERY, VERY proud of him here.

My questions would be, How did you end up getting hooked up with Tommy for the Santa Claus project and what was it like working with him? Also, can you come to Haddon Heights and take place in our little Christmas Parade on November 28th??? No Pressure!!!