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This is good to read - I'm a 31 year old lady who just got her first bike (Honda CBF) last week, and I'm already in love :)

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I have 2 friends (sisters) with pku. One of them had a really hard time at uni having to deal with a suicidal flatmate, and she started eating really badly (cheese pizzas!) and got even more depressed and bad tempered because of the protein. Luckily she's back on track with a pku-friendly diet now.

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Came in to say - glad you're on the mend. I hope the next time you're seen it's entirely gone.

Also - yeh, steroid moonface is NOT fun. I was on steroids for about 6-9 months for my Crohn's and had exactly the same thing.

How are you feeling now? Optimistic? Got any fun plans for the summer? :)