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Also what was Microsoft really like back in the 90s? As a user of MS-Dos 3.30 forward till now. I’m assuming there has just been a whole tide of changes.

Was double space really as funny on the dev side as it was on the user side with the slowness and the pufferfish as a logo :)

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I mean for its time it was great. But back then floppy disks and 10M RLL-MFM drives were more the norm. It was actually awesome to have it included IN the OS instead of having to buy stacker.

I think this is why I get so much of a kick out of every phishing AD that says download this to double your RAM. It just takes me back.

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How does the cost of import insulin from Canada or Mexico compare to the cost of Walmart $25 insulin? I ask because my wife being type-1 often has to resort to this type when she runs out of what our insurance covers (after 3k deductible might I add)

We used to use it exclusively before we got insurance. But with a pump and brand name insulin her a1c is much better controlled.

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Oh I’m intimately familiar with memory compression. But all of the old double space compression claims always just hard links in my brain.

Even with current RAM technology there’s a big scaling coming along with things such as intel’s Optane DC-PMM. I think it would make ram compression as trivial as stacker/double space was when the Hard drive industry came up with new ways to push the boundaries of Areal density. Such as GMR heads, Perindicular recording and now HAMR.

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I totally and wholeheartedly agree. The combination of insulin, endocrinologist, and closed loop pump system have been amazing.

Honestly when she was pregnant it was the scariest for me because i would go to work and weekly I was faxing over her numbers to the specialist doctors and it was just constant basal and bolus adjustments.

But I would never imagined her getting pregnant on the Walmart relion insulin. So many times I had to fight with her to get sugar in to counteract a massive low she would wake up with. It’s like arguing with my toddler. But at least she never had a seizure. But I was worried enough to get a RX for a glucagon shot and I always keep it around. That and glucose pills.

Getting that proper mix of fast and slow insulin and delay calculations was crazy. Count every carb and all calories burned. It was just crazy. Even if she had been doing it as a kid, the insulin from Walmart in Canada is totally different than in the USA too. So everything went out the window.