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I love this time I live in, where people can reply to the richest man alive with Rick and Morty shitposts

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No, but the birther movement has largely died out

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The difference is that Obama admitted his mistake and moved on. He's a smart politician--he stayed composed and left the issue behind him.

Now look at the Trump campaigns response. It was disorganized, there was finger pointing, and in the end the speech writer was the only one mature enough to step out and say it, whereas Trump himself was blaming Clinton.

I think the plagiarizing is less of an issue. It's the reaction that illustrates the disorganization and immaturity of the Trump campaign.

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If you don't mind me asking, how did you lose your eye? Did you ever return to Crete after the war ended?

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What hopes do you have for the future? And/Or What's the best part of your job?