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Do you think the suspect in the Madeleine McCann will be convicted? It sounds like the Germans have “material” evidence but no “forensic” evidence. What would you say to people who think the parents are guilty?

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Since you live in europe, or I’m assuming so, you probably don’t have to worry about horrible food additives like we do in the US. I thought I was gluten intolerant but now I think it’s just wheat in the US that’s the problem. I’m also intolerant of soy and after doing a partial elimination diet (extremely challenging) I have discovered that I’m intolerant/allergic to “gum” additives, specifically Locust Bean Gum. It’s found in a lot of things like yogurt and cream cheese. Do you have theses types of additives in Europe? Congratulations on your 5k and all the progress you’ve made. That’s just fantastic.

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I was tested for wheat allergy (negative) and then Celiac disease. My tTG antibody was negative (had been gluten free for about one month prior to testing) but my serum IGA was 495 (reference range is 61-356). My allergist has no idea what an elevated IGA means. Do you know if this is causing my food sensitivities? Currently sensitive to gluten and soy.