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Kinda similar to the bullshit that supplement companies get away with. Can pretty much sell and claim anything as long as they include the tiny FDA disclaimer that the product isn’t intended to treat or cure disease and any claims made haven’t been evaluated by the FDA.

Misuse of supplements can certainly be dangerous to one’s health but no one is going to read or care about the disclaimer.

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Yikes and you deny climate change...what else you’re an anti-vaxxer and flat earthed too?

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I too would like to know the answers to these questions.

There should never be anyone like Nassar or the other 3 doctors listed allowed to practice medicine again and they are a disgrace to the profession. But this article makes it seem like there is an epidemic of sexual assault being committed by doctors against their patients.

I wonder how many of the cases were false accusations of patients misinterpreting medical procedures for sexual misconduct, and I worry that painting this as an epidemic will increase that number.

Please don’t get me wrong, I have zero tolerance for any healthcare professional that actually commits sexual assault/abuse against one of their patients. I just don’t want people to lose trust in the patient-doctor relationship thinking that 1 in 5 doctors is committing sexual abuse.

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Do you have an expanded scope of practice there as compared to Canada? I’ve heard that nurses traveling to Africa for medical missions essentially are allowed to do what doctors do in Canada/USA.

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Yeah I think about this from both sides.

If the patient really was assaulted, how do you prove the doctor is guilty?

Then also what if the patient is misinterpreting a medical procedure as a sexual advance, how do you prove the doctor’s innocence?