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I would really like to know the answer to your question, typo notwithstanding.

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How do you deal with the realities that child labour laws in the developing world often just end up meaning children turn to prostitution to help their families survive? Is child labour not the lesser of the evils in many cases?

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That's an awesome guess and it is in some subreddits but the default is an up facing arrow. In case you don't know and up facing arrow is a large triangle placed atop a smaller square.

I am curious, how do you deal with other people's typos? Does your system simply ignore them? Does it spew out nonsense or does it attempt to guess what the user meant?

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What response did they receive?

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I love how you are downvoted for expressing a contrary opinion to the hive. I agree with you that I don't agree. The problem isn't the internet it is the lack of competition and option. The reason we lack those things is the past 100 years of corporate income taxes giveing the wealthy and powerful a lower tax burden stifling competition and creating the things outlined here. The reason Bezos is so rich is because governments give him tax breaks and subsidies so that no one can compete. Shit how much money does Elon get from subsidies to sell cars to the top 10% or 20% richest people in america. Those subsidies are paid for by the poor who's gas bill goes up.