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Great answers, really thorough

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What is the actual number? "More than you think" and "starting to balance" sounds like "shit all but we are trying to keep up the illusion." I've flown on maybe 200 international and domestic flights around the world and had a female captain once.

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Hey Hiro, thanks for doing an AMA and it's amazing to see what you are up to now. I once flew from Brisbane to Melbourne just to hear you perform in Destiny: Reunion. To this day my favourite live music experience ever.

My question is will you be doing any more live performing in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, and is there any word on what is happening with Eminence? Where can I best follow your projects?

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Nah I'm pretty happy. At least 3000% happier than the people who have to sell popcorn to stay in business are.

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I understand how the business works but appreciate your info. It's just the same thing every time. People complain about price of snacks, theater claims it's their only way to make money. Too bad for choosing to go into business on a product with a shitty business model, I guess?