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"I can't do as many free weight exercises because of injuries. Luckily, the technology has moved forward and I can find some replacements with machines."

... Must mean he will someday replace those injured muscles with machines...

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Your blue eyes are beautiful!

Many Asian pop stars use colored contacts to make their eyes look blue or purple. Have you experienced other Asian people being envious of your naturally blue eyes?

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Do you feel, personally, that being having dark skin had any influence in your prosecution?

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It definitely makes me think and reconsider what I buy. It's easier easy to assume no one else cares when its not on the news or on your news feeds. It sounds cliche, but it starts with you. Don't wait to see what the other cool kids are doing.

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I noticed that GDI focuses specifically on female adults and not female children. I don't think it's a bad thing at all, but I'm just curious if that was an intentional decision and what GDI's rationale is for it?