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"I can't do as many free weight exercises because of injuries. Luckily, the technology has moved forward and I can find some replacements with machines."

... Must mean he will someday replace those injured muscles with machines...

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Your blue eyes are beautiful!

Many Asian pop stars use colored contacts to make their eyes look blue or purple. Have you experienced other Asian people being envious of your naturally blue eyes?

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When you're a family of 4 with a low to average income, then taking your whole family to see a Broadway show is a special occasion.

A lot of families save for years just to go to Disney World. Many people don't see Disney as a kid, and don't until they're an adult.

If dressing up makes the experience more exciting for you, then why not!

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Do you feel, personally, that being having dark skin had any influence in your prosecution?

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Does seeing a show 200 times result in you being able to see mistakes the audience wouldn't catch? Like when an actor messes up a line.